Myths and Facts of a Converging World

Hans Rosling“It this terrible simplification that there is one Africa, and things go on in one way in Africa. We have to stop that, it is not respectful, and it is not very clever to think that way. I had the fortune to live and work for a time in the United States. I found out that Salt Lake City and San Francisco were different. And so it is in Africa, it’s a lot of difference.“ – Hans Rosling

We have written before on this blog about Hans Rosling. He is a Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician, public speaker and Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute, with a passion for understanding development in the world based on facts and statistics.

Below is Hans Rosling´s brilliant lecture at the annual Molecular Frontiers Symposium at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm in May 2012. It is a close-to-one-hour speech and goes in depth into the topics of world development, in a fascinating and attention catching way.

Myths and facts of a converging world

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