Innovation in Place Management

placeAlong with Place Branding and Place Development, successful Place Management is fundamental to the process to achieve Place Excellence.

During the last few decades Place Management has developed from a few simple quantifiable elements into the complex art of attraction develop­ment. This means that, besides tangible and hard factors that are easy to measure, a number of subtle, soft factors, or intangibles, have gained importance.

The consequences for the place managers are that they need to gain competencies in business intelligence, an understanding of new trends and of new disruptive technologies and their implications. Additionally, place managers also will need a number of personal competencies, such as negotiation skills and good leadership skills in order to create collaborative environ­ments. Such skills are hard to acquire only by practice.

Management for growth

To help to manage the complexity, Bearing has developed a methodology framework for place managers. The methodology framework is set up to help place managers  to achieve place excellence, by working through and documenting strategy, attraction factors, place brand, place management style, etcetera, resulting in a concrete milestone based place development plan.

The basic tools for the methodology are a book we published in 2011, additional in-depth documents and whitepapers and a set of large, A3-size, work sheets. The work sheets are used in projects together with our customers or provided as examples during training courses.

Work sheet - general - blured

Fact sheet

If you want to know more, please download a fact sheet about place excellence by clicking on the link below, or contact us on


You can also download a fact sheet about our 24 hour training course on Place Management.

Additional information

_ny_omslag_hela_MB.inddFor further information, we recommend the book

Place management : new roles for place managers in rebuilding European wealth, published by Bearing Consulting in October 2011, which describes the concepts presented above in detail, with examples from numerous European municipalities.

The book can be bought from AmazonBokus, CDON, Ginza and on Ad Libris or directly from us at Bearing from

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