My memory of Steve Jobs

He might be the most powerful industry leader in the US history and the father of Mac, iPhone and  iPad – but for me his the evidence of the imperative of building innovative company culture and the value of it. His seven secrets of innovation is one of the things that inspired me and something I have blogged about in the past. The seven secrets of successful innovation deserve to be published again:

1. Do What You Love. Think differently about your career.

2. Put a Dent in the Universe. Think differently about your vision.

3. Kick Start Your Brain. Think differently about how you think.

4. Sell Dreams, Not Products. Think differently about your customers.

5. Say No to 1,000 Things. Think differently about design.

6. Create Insanely Great Experiences. Think differently about your brand experience.

7. Master the Message. Think differently about your story.

Thanks for your insights, willingness to share and the inspiration you given me!

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