Launch event for the book Place Management

Today Thursday 20th October, there was an event at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for the launch of the book Place Management – New Roles for Place Managers in Rebuilding European Wealth.

About 150 decision makers, politicians, journalists and other business people attended the seminar. Many more showed interest to attend, but there was only room for 150.


It is very encouraging that the book has received such strong interest already the same month it is delivered from the printing house.

The book is about the importance of the place manager for the successful development of regions and places. This is crucial especially these days when governments have less control over economic development than they have had in the past, due to globalization and the debt crises in many countries.

The seminar was started by the Managing Director of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Maria Rankka, making a brief interview with the main author Christer Asplund.


The second item on the agenda was a panel debate about the the importance of the local place in the context of economic growth. In the panel was Christer Asplund, Torborg Chetkovich, Managing Director for the Swedish Airport company Swedavia, and Lotta Edholm (FP), responsible for the schools in the city of Stockholm.

The book has received much international recognition. Below are some quotes from comments we have received:

“The public administration must exercise leadership in place management, involving the private and public stakeholders to define and deliver the objectives and providing the right resources to achieve them. The book Place Management has described these efforts in a very convincing and stimulating way.”

Jordi Joly, CEO of Economy, Business and Employment, Barcelona City Hall. Previously deputy Mayor of Sant Cugat, awarded the prize of the best European city for “Leadership and Management for Change” by EPSA (The European Public Sector Award).

“From a banking perspective the local development of society and industry represents the very essence of the global world. Business is conducted locally and this is where customers and providers are. Swedbank’s business idea is based on inclusive banking across the whole country. The book “Place Management” is both instructive and relevant to this concept. It gives a new twist to accounts of local challenges through its focus on management. The reader gains an insight into the ways that place management can be strengthened.”

Peter Nygårds, Senior Advisor, formerly Senior Vice President of Swedbank and Secretary of State at the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.

“ I am excited about this book by Christer Asplund and Jacob Ikkala because it presents a picture of European cities and places as they function today, how they were influenced by new forces emerging each decade, and what their future possibilities are in terms of their critical opportunities and threats.”

Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

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