Building High Performance Team for Innovation Success

As one of Insights accredited instructors, we have carried out several workshops building high performance teams, from getting strategic innovation teams on track to dysfunctional management teams up and running. Besides getting people to know them self’s, their impact on other as well as how to use their opposite personas strengths there are also a set of competences needed to run an efficient team. In the case of innovation teams, where Bearing has one of its edges, we have seen that there are several competences needed to secure success. Tom Kelly and Jonathan Littman have profiled 10 faces of innovation that cover the most important aspects and transformed to competences they are;

  • Anthropology
  • Trial-and-Error
  • T-Shaped
  • Out-of-the-box-thinking
  • Team Fostering
  • Goal-oriented leadership
  • Consumer insights
  • Set Designing
  • Storytelling

The nine competences are all possible to map to the colour energies in the Insights Discovery and together the form the bases for building and training high performing innovation team able to generate ideas, select them, pilot testing them, finalising them and finally commercialise them.

Moreover, our work has shows that there are also typically three Key Performance Indicators to apply coaching for innovation results;

1. Number of Ideas generated

2. Number of lunches

3. The degree of diffusion.

By linking KPI:s, building and developing the right set of innovation competences as well as developing the team dynamics the perceived strategic value of internal as well as external innovation can be fully gained.

Bottom line is that no matter how brilliant you are in defining possible innovation the full potential can only be meet by designing, developing and coaching your teams in terms of group dynamics and competences.

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  1. Challenges for the products vary widely by industry and geography (see Figure 1). Several factors play a role in the increased complexity and competition in product innovation. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all solution.” Innovation is the task of producing more competitive products to customer needs over a short period of time. And companies must send while maintaining or even lowering product costs. The ability to adapt to these new market conditions effectively determine the long-term winners and losers in the

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