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The 20th of October, Christer Asplund and Jacob Ikkala, together with Bearing Consulting Ltd, launch the new book “Place Management – New Roles for Place Managers in Rebuilding European Wealth”!

In the new book of Christer Asplund, senior advisor at Bearing Consulting Ltd and one of Europe’s leading authorities on place management, he deals with professional management and direction for regional and local growth. He demonstrates how successful place development and place marketing is shaped by the professional place manager, build upon his ground-breaking work with Professor Philip Kotler. Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University says in a comment“ I am excited about this book because it presents a picture of European cities and places as they function today, how they were influenced by the new forces emerging each decade, and what their future possibilities are in terms of their critical opportunities and threats.”

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  1. The ‘Place Management’ book is the best working “tool” within its field that I have come across so far. It is more innovative and execution oriented than anything else I have seen in the genre. By the case references and explicit tips it is very hands on and gives you a pedagogical and tangible instrument in díscussions with both politicians and officers in local communities and regions, urban planners, entrepreneurship managers, tourism managers and developers of triple helix innovation environments.

    The generous numbers of illustrations and pictures not only makes the book easy to read and understand the implications of measures taken in different parts of Europe, but also helps you to put your special place issues into the right perspective and contexts.

    I would recommend anyone that carry responsibilities within the field of ‘Place Excellence’ to read it carefully and use it as a reference manual for the creation of growth and wealth in a place.

    Lars-Göran Larsson

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