Business on a Beermat – this is how you build successful founding teams and get going

Mike Southon and Cris West are the guys behind the Beermat concept and as everything is done on Cobra Beermat’s Lord Karan Bilimoria the founder of Cobra Beer is of cause endorsing their work cool work. Basically they suggest keeping everything short as possible and never large in print than a Cobra Beermat. Start in the pub, work out an elevator pitch, get a mentor and the first customer. When you have done that, set up a founding team with people you know and people how is complementing you also driven by passion, courage, hard work, solidity, personal skills and are doers.

The founding team shall be an entrepreneur keeping up the flame and complemented by people (not necessary full time) being

  • Technical Innovator
  • Delivery Specialist
  • Sales
  • Finance

To this you add the mentor or mentors – serial entrepreneurs with past experience of breakdowns, a lot of contacts and knowhow to run a business and when to kill the king (=when to leave as an entrepreneur).

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