Innovation Policy for Developing Countries

imageThe World Bank has published a book titled Innovation Policy – A Guide for Developing Countries, which offers a detailed conceptual framework for understanding and learning about technology innovation policies and programs and their implementation in different countries.

Innovation in all its forms, particularly technological innovation, has become a crucial driver of growth, enhancing competitiveness and increasing social well-being in all economies of the world. In a broad and diversified sense, innovation comprises not only the creation of new technology, but even more important, it includes the diffusion and use of products, processes, and practices that are new in a given country context. Inspired by the experience of both developed and developing countries, the book focuses on the latter’s needs and issues.

The publication’s main audience is the policy-making community, including not only those who are directly involved with technology, industry, science, and education but also those in charge of finance and economics, and indeed the top government leadership, which plays a crucial role in successful innovation policies.

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