Is the Indian IT miracle over?

Driving back and forth to you job in Munbai is like smoking a packaged of cigarettes, and nothing become better. Indian government spend 17 dollar per capita and year in infrastructure while China spend 116 dollar. The Indian mentality is pretty much having a back-up plan for the back-up plan while China is straighter forward, which both impact business life as well as infrastructure and the sociality in general. In an interview, published in, we could read the other day that a director from AT Kearney’s predict that Most Indian providers will be sidelined or subsumed while the fate of seemingly stalwart U.S. players will hang in the balance.

At the end of the day it will be about innovations and disruptive technologies, like Scott Anthorny writes on his Harvard Business review blog yesterday; The ease with which a company’s core business grows can mask the need to invest in innovation. Growth inevitably slows. Indian companies should be investing in innovation now, even though they appear not to need it. If they don’t, they will ironically leave themselves open to disruption from Western companies who find disruptive ways to compete domestically.

The winner of the global war for wealth will be the most innovative companies in the most well structured and supportive environment, the long term moment of the winner will most likly be:

bureaucracy and corruption => transparency

too low tax and quick fix => sustainability in environment

cost cutting => innovation

transaction => relation

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