Cunning new blog strategy

I’ve been following corporate blogging strategies for about as long as blogging has been around and indeed have been involved in a few. To date I haven’t seen one with the subtlety and panache of Metrotwin Mumbai (also on twittter) which I picked up from Domnic Twyford’s blog.

Metrotwin Mumbai twins bloggers from London and Mumbai and in the process creates an information resource for visitors to both cities. As Dominic points out the blog and twitter feed are both funded by British Airways. Both are projects of madebymany.

(There is also a metrotwin blog that partners London and New York also a madebymany project). The blog networks are made up of independent bloggers and there is a reward system in place – if you blog on Metrotwinmumbai you can earn BA airmiles. BA explains:

“British Airways flies hundreds of thousands of passengers between Mumbai and London every year. So it feels right for us to be backing something genuinely useful for people living in and travelling between Mumbai and London. It’s as simple as that.”

This must be the most intelligent use of corporate blogging – or corporate supported blogging out there. It also shows how far corporate blogging has come. And what a way to secure a team of advocates for a brand…. by creating a platform for other people to create value. Images on the blog are all licensed under creative commons and some of them are stunning (photo below by runran).

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