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Welcome to the Bearing Blog. Bearing’s experts work on a wide variety of projects, too varied to summarize here. However we share some common themes, particularly around innovation, location, change management and the online world.

Location is becoming an increasingly important business concept. When we think of traditional markets we think of place, location and presence. Over time markets have become more and more defined by electronic infrastructures rather than by place but place is making a comeback. Place is an important focus of location branding; it is often an identity for clusters of innovators or entrepreneurs; and going forward it will be integral to the new generation of the world wide web.

The new world wide web is mobile and mobile has a very important relationship to location. The GPS location capability of phones, the growth of status updates in social networks and the growth of local social networks are three important ways in which our presence in specific locations is becoming the focal point of innovative businesses.

While Bearing is not a pure mobile consultancy we are very concerned with place and all its business potential. We work in the mobile space to help localities such as cities and regions to define themselves around the innovation that mobile technologies make possible. We work with real estate owners to redefine value once the bricks and mortar are in dry. We are working with cities to define their roadmap to new forms of transport based on sustainable technologies. We help define the place as a brand that embraces innovations like mobility and electric power.

We also work with the company’s historic financial services client base to define new ways of working in the mobile age and to understand the new demands that web-based technologies have brought to the workplace and to consumer markets. We are working with a variety of companies to define enterprise innovation pathways. And to help implement major corporate redesigns.

And we have unparalleled experience in measuring online activity. We’ll be telling you more about this as we go along. Bearing is a modern, open kind of company. We’ll be sharing some of our work and ideas here too, whenever client confidentiality considerations allow us to.

What might you find out by coming back – how innovation processes are changing; how the mobile web is challenging businesses to innovate; the significance of location fast becoming the new focal point of online business; the new generation of value-added services that will drive real estate values; how regulated businesses can take advantage of the Web.

These themes will keep appearing here on the Bearing Blog. Our motivation for being out here in public is in part to tell you about what we are doing and to engage people where possible in a continuing debate about how the post-recessionary future is shaping up. You can contact us via the company website or you can respond here in the comments. We look forward to the debate.

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